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With a simple click, the patented easylift system raises the [fusiontable] into a state-of-the-art billiard table. Remove the three table tops and you are ready to start a game.


All purchases of the [fusiontable] include Iwan Simonis billiard cloth selection, a Standard Accessory Kit, and assembly and installation.

Design Inc. is the exclusive dealer of the Belgian [fusiontable] in Chicagoland.

3-Panel Dining Top

Wood (Wenge Oak, Walnut Select, Grey Oak, White Oak)

Matte Black Lacquer (Satin Finish)

White Lacquer (Matte or Hi Gloss Finish)

Rock Reverso (Luna, Ceniza, Oxydo, Pizarra)

Table Finish

Aluminum Powder Coated Steel

Black or White Powder Coated Steel


Brushed Stainless Steel


Easy-Lift System ®

The optional spring assisted Easy-Lift system allows you to raise the [fusiontable] with minimal effort adding 3" / 75 mm from the standard 29.5" / 75 cm dining height to an optimal playing height.

Flat Pocket System

With its unique flat pocket system, all billiard accessories, cues and rack but also the balls can be stored in the [fusiontable] elegant 4.5" / 12 cm narrow table top.

IMG_5939 3.HEIC
grey oak
Grey oak
IMG_0881 2.HEIC
White oak

Iwan Simonis Table Cloth

[fusiontable] is always fitted with Simonis table cloth, worldwide considered to be the ultimate benchmark for high-quality cloth. In business since 1680, Simonis cloth is available in 29 colors and contains 85% wool. Simonis cloth is brushed according to professional standards, guaranteeing optimum speed, a smooth roll, easy maintenance and an exceptional lifespan.


Simonis also offers a special liquid-resistant fibre. This anti-stain cover is available in four colors.

Brushed stainless
Black powder coat
White powder coat
Grey powder coat

An Upgrade to Any Room

Functional, with a timeless and elegant design, the [fusiontable] design pool table creates a relaxing atmosphere for dinner with family or friends. Able to seat 10 people comfortably, the [fusiontable] transitions perfectly from work to play.

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